Rfotofolio is honored to have the 2018 Depth of Field at the Center for Photographic Art. After years of meeting the volunteers, docents, board members and staff we cannot think of a better place to have Depth of Field.

From the CPA website:

Tracing their roots back to the Friends of Photography, founded in 1967, the Center for Photographic Art (CPA) remains the second oldest members photography gallery organization in the country. A short walk from Ocean Avenue in Carmel, CA brings you to the venerable gallery launched by iconic artists Ansel Adams, Cole Weston, and Wynn Bullock. Today, CPA continues to serve as a valuable asset to its members, the community and the greater world of the photographic arts.

The Past Informs the Future

CPA honors the history of the renowned school of West Coast fine art photography by upholding our forbearers’ regional traditions of mastery of craft, the concept of mentorship and mutual support, and the commitment to creating and appreciating uplifting and stimulating art.

While adhering to our photographic roots, CPA also encourages a new generation of photographers by offering a succession of dynamic exhibitions, pioneering workshops, enlightening lectures, creative publications, personal critiques and community service. CPA cultivates respect for diverse subjects, approaches, techniques, materials and equipment. At CPA we nurture personal growth essential for every artist and encourage photographers to pursue image making that is unique to each person.

The Center for Photographic Art is Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation • 501(c)(3)

Meaning made visible.


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